Solutions for Power, Control, Safety and Energy Efficiency
Solutions for Power, Control, Safety and Energy Efficiency (photo credit:

Application Guide

Released by SOCOMEC, this is very comprehensive application guide, applicable for low voltage applications for power, control, safety and energy efficiency. Guide contains 18 nicely divided sections:

  1. Low Voltage distribution
    Earthing arrangements, voltages, overvoltages, mains quality, external influences etc.
  2. Overload currents
    Protection of wiring systems against overloads, using gG fuses etc.
  3. Short circuit currents
    Calculating an LV installation, protection of wiring systems, fuse protection of wiring systems etc.
  4. Direct and indirect contact
    Fuse protection against indirect contact etc.
  5. Voltage drops
    Calculating voltage drop for cable with length, etc.
  6. Switching and isolating devices
    Installation standards IEC 60364 or NF C 15100, etc.
  7. UL and NEMA specifications
    General information about motor protection, etc.
  8. Fuse protection
    Short-circuit current cut-off, choosing “gG” and “aM” fuses, etc.
  9. Control and energy management
    Tariff meter, measurement of electric variables, energy metering, etc.
  10. Industrial communication networks
    Analogue mand digital communication, JBUS / MODBUS protocols, RS485 Bus, PROFIBUS protocol
  11. Electrical measurement
    Ferro-magnetic equipment, use of voltage transformers, power converter, copper cable losses, etc.
  12. Digital protection of networks
    Protection relays and their functions, time-dependent tripping curves, neutral and earth-fault protection etc.
  13. Differential protection
    General points, definitions, applications and implementation
  14. Overvoltage limitor
    Current limiting inductors, effective protective level ensured by an overvoltage limitor etc.
  15. Surge Protective Devices (SPD)
    Protection against transient overvoltages, main characteristics of SPD’s, choosing and installing primary SPD’s, etc.
  16. Reactive energy compensation
    Calculating capacitor power, choosing compensation for a fixed load, etc.
  17. Enclosures
    Thermal effects and calculation of enclosures, choosing the air conditioning
  18. Busbars
    Choosing busbar material, thermal effects of short circuit, electrochemical coupling
Title:Application Guide // Solutions for Power, Control, Safety and Energy Efficiency – SOCOMEC
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Application Guide // Solutions for Power, Control, Safety and Energy Efficiency - SOCOMEC
Application Guide // Solutions for Power, Control, Safety and Energy Efficiency – SOCOMEC

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