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Electrical books and guides

Electrical engineering is a field of engineering  that generally deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics  and electromagnetism. Companies and industry experts has been always releasing technical books and guides in order to spread their knowledge.

On this page you can find very usefull books and guides related to electrical science, industry, automation and telecommunications.

All documents, EE software and EE books are free to download.

***Schneider Electric – Cahier Techniques – FOLDER
***ABB Drives – Technical Guides – FOLDER
***Siemens – Basics of Energy and Automation – FOLDER
***Relays In Details (Including Protective Relays) – FOLDER
***Power Substations – FOLDER
1Electrical power supply and distribution star
2Energy-Efficient Electric Motor Selection Handbook
3Coordinated Power Systems Protection
4UPS selection, installation and maintenance
5Engineering Symbology, prints and drawing star
6Grounding and Bonding
7Handbook of electrical safety
8Handbook of electrical science VOL. 1-4
9Personal Protective Grounding for Electric Power Facilities and Power Lines
10Electrical Installation Guide star
11Schneider Electric – Harmonic detection and filtering
12Introduction to Motor and Generator
13Medium Voltage Cables – Construction Standard Specifications
14Electrical Power Supply And Distribution
15ABB – Electrical Installation Handbook PART I
16ABB – Electrical Installation Handbook PART II
17Instrument-Transformers – Part 1 of 3 Current Voltage Transformers
18Instrument-Transformers – Part 2 of 3 Current Voltage Transformers
19Instrument-Transformers – Part 3 of 3 Current Voltage Transformers
20Electrical Engineering Formulas
21How Power Factor Corection Works
22How To Apply Capacitors To Low Voltage Power Systems
23ABB – Power Factor Correction And Harmonic Filtering In Electrical Plants
24Power Factor – The Basics
25Transmission And Distribution Electrical Engineering
26Lighting Handbook star
27HV AC Circuit breakers – IEC62271-100
28A Simple Approach To Short Circuit Calculations
29Complete Patents Of Nikola Tesla star
30Electricity and Magnetism
31The Wire and Cable Technical Information Handbook
32Understanding Arc Flash Hazards – EATON white paper
33De-icing EHV Overhead Transmission Lines by Short circuit Currents
34Designing Low Voltage Non-Motor Industrial Feeder Circuits
35Electrical network protection guide – Schneider Electric star
36High Resistance Ground Application Guide
37Faults on Electrical System
37Roadway Lighting Design Manual
38Arch Flash Hazards – LV Circuit Breakers
39Arc-flash Application Guide (Arc-flash Energy Calculations for Circuit Breakers and Fuses)
40Current Transformers Selection Guide

41Elements of Electrical Engineering – Intermediate Vocatioinal Course, 1st Year
42Determining Correction Factor of Power Cable Sizing
43Protection and Control Guide
44High power Electronics – HVDC and SVC
45Transformers, Generators and Protection Theory
46The Role of Infrared Testing at Data Centers star
47High Voltage Engineering – Practice and Theory New star
48Medium Voltage Design Guide – Schneider Electric New star
49Principles of Insulation Testing New star
50Earthing of MV and LV Distribution Lines: A multi-faceted problem New
51Network Theorems New
52Test Preparation Study Guide For Coal Mine Electrical Certification – Underground Electrician
53NEMA Three Phase AC Motor – Home Study Course
54Application Guide – Industrial Switching and Protection Systems
55Electrical Design Manual For New Hospitals New
56Fundamentals Of Electrical Distribution – EATON star
57Basics Of Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCBs) – EATON star
58Basic Wiring for Motor Control – Technical Data star
59Squirrel Cage Rotor Testing Methods New
60Power Quality Problems and New Solutions New
61CT Saturation in Industrial Applications – Analysis and Application Guidelines
62Guide to modern insulation testing
63Measurement techniques of leakage and ground currents New
64Electrical Theory – Technology, PLC Concepts and Basic Electronics New
65Basics of Circuit Breakers For Electrical Engineers (additional info for practical usage) New
66Electrical Installation Handbook (Protection, Control and Electrical Devices)
67Lighting And Electrical Systems Design Guide (Elementary School Building Example)
68Guide to Low Voltage Electrical System Design and Selectivity New
69A Good Practice Guide to Electrical Design star
70Guide to Designing and Installing Copper Building Wire Systems
71Lessons In AC Electrical Circuits
72Lessons In DC Electrical Circuits
73Guide to protection against indirect contact and earth fault
74Your Detailed Guide To Energy Efficient Housing
75Guide To The Basics Of Efficient Lighting Design New
76Solutions for Power, Control, Safety and Energy Efficiency New
77Guide To Measurements On Electrical Installations (Theory and Practice)
78Guide to Planning of Electric Power Distribution
79Concepts in Electric Circuits For Engineers Beginners
80Study Guide to Electrical Safety Basics
81Basic Knowledge Of AC Electrical Generators star
82Electrical Installations On Construction Sites star
83Lessons In Electrical Circuits – Semiconductors New star
84Electrical Protection Handbook
85Grounding and Bonding For Electrical Systems
86The Lighting Handbook (by Zumtobel) New star
87Metering Best Practices – A Guide to Achieving Utility Resource Efficiency New
88The Most Complete Handbook Of Architectural Lighting Design
89Electrical energy efficiency of motors, cables, busbars and transformers
90Electrical Installation Guide 2016
91Cable Installation Manual for Power and Control Cables
92Earthing design in electrical networks and installations
93Basic Circuit Theorems For Electrical Engineers Beginners
94Using Circuit Breakers For Direct Current (DC) Applications
95The Complete Guide to Electrical Wiring
96Electrical safety hazards awareness (with realistic work scenarios)
97Beginner’s guide to measurement in electrical engineering
98Guide to experimenting with wiring of electric circuits
00Complete cable tray manual for electrical engineers and designers
01Troubleshooting electrical devices with insulation resistance test instrument
02Practical guide to electrical grounding systems and applications
03Guidelines to basic electrical wiring in your home and similar locations
04Complete guide to electricity, magnetism and modern physics
05Best practice guide to cable ladder and cable tray systems New
06Selection, application and theory of surge protection devices (SPD) New
07A pragmatic introduction to the art of electrical engineering New
08Lessons in digital electric ciruits – Fundamentals of solving the problems New
09Electrical machines and appliances theory for engineers – beginners New
10Learn to handle a digital multimeter New
11Fundamentals of electrical and computer engineering New
12Lightning protection guide 2015 New
13Clamp-on method of ground testing (grounding system quality) New
14Residential electrical wiring guide for electricians New

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