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Electrical Engineering Portal invites you to come visit DirectIndustry, the online industrial exhibition where you can select among the leading manufacturers of electronic and electrical components. Whether you are looking for a current sensor or a surge arrester DirectIndustry can help you come into contact with leading manufacturers.

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In industry, the LED has historically been used as an indicator light representing either red, green, or yellow colors. Today LEDs are found in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Their industrial applications have grown from being used as indicator lights, to uses such as back-lighting, LCD displays, fiber optics, remote controls and even used in agriculture for plant growth.

Terminal blocks

Terminal blocks

Terminal blocks are used by builders and electricians to connect wires to an electrical system in a fast and convenient way. The terminal block allows wires to be maintained in place, through a screw or spring cage, in order to create a single point electrical connection. Their main advantage is that the connection can at all times be adjusted by simply releasing the screw.

Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers

Circuit breakers protect electrical systems from over-voltage, short circuits and ground faults. They are tripped off automatically when an irregularity occurs in the electrical system and can also be switched off manually in order to perform maintenance repairs. DirectIndustry presents all types of circuit breakers for appliances and electronics to high voltage circuit breakers for the power distribution grid.

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